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Protune Remapping provide a leading remapping service across Ireland and further afield. Every vehicle has untapped potential – at Protune, we fine tune your engine so it can perform at its best. With 30 years’ experience in the motor trade, at Protune we understand how to optimise your vehicle.


Remapping is a safe, efficient way to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, driveability and performance. At the heart of every vehicle is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This is programmed or “mapped” to control how the engine responds to the environment it is in. Manufacturers map all vehicles with a generic map to apply across the globe. This programme is designed to cope with any of the possible environmental factors the vehicle could encounter, regardless of where the vehicle is going to be sold and operated.

Fuel standards, emission standards, driving conditions and environmental factors vary wildly across the globe. No vehicle is accurately mapped for any particular area. At Protune, we professionally adjust the settings in your vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) so that it is operating at the optimum settings for your needs. This is remapping or chip tuning the vehicle.

Remapping can optimise the performance of cars, vans, tractors, farm machinery, boats and trucks. At Protune, we are passionate about getting your vehicle to operate at its best, whether your family car or the tractor necessary to run your farm.

One of our high-skilled agents, located across the island of Ireland and further afield, can guide you through the remapping process. We test your vehicle on the dyno, determine the exact changes necessary to optimise your engine performance and tailor the programme to suit your requirements. Safety, efficiency and driveability are central to the remap. At the end of the process we test the vehicle so that you see exactly how much your vehicle has been improved.

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As Irish stockists of premier motor brand Dimsport, we use nothing but the best technology on your car.

Whether you need an ECU Remap, an EGR removal or a DPF deletion, at Protune we can help you to optimise your vehicle.